Victor Sanchez - Digital Compositor/VR


I am a visual effects artist and supervisor specialized in compositing. Currently living in Stockholm.

I started my compositing career when I began my education 2008 at the university of Jönköping more specifically at campus i12. During the next two years I learned about film making and post production with a specialization on digital compositing.

After my education ended I founded my own company and started to work as freelance digital compositor and now ten years later I have at one point or another worked with the finest post production companies Stockholm has to offer.
I also fly over to Vancouver, London, Oslo and Copenhagen to do freelance work every now and then.

As a digital compositor my main tools are Nuke and Mocha, but I also use other tools as well if need be.

As of 2013 I've also been intrested and involved in many VR productions all from pre-production to final delivery and have knowledge of all the steps required to deliver high end VR experience.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or projects in mind.